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Why do so many frightening things go through such a boom?
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Why do so many frightening things go through such a boom?

Umělec magazine 2000/1


Tomodachi no Uranchan (Přátelé Uranové dívky) | japan | en cs

"Super Idols

Gentaro Araki considers himself a false alchemist rather than a figurative sculptor. His company produces incredible characters—figures whose appearance and themes are far from ordinary commercial toys. Araki’s play with gender ambiguity, which is so typical for contemporary Japan, attracts attention on the one hand and is fiercely criticized on the other. This may be the reason why otaku (an indulgence in or mania for making small hyper-realistic figures) is disgusting for some. In any case, his work very quickly became famous. Gendaro is currently working on a 3D picture book.

Hinano Yoshikawa
This doll was created simultaneously with photographic books with the aim to create the symbol of a young, living actress in 2D and 3D. Concurrently, he decided to realize two further forms: Hinano Yoshika-wa—“Natural” and “Illusive” in which the actress was photographed outside with her face naked, while the other was a virtual Hinano of the hallucinatory world.
The dolls Gentaro created—“Black Made”—are models that are intended to resemble the atmosphere of selected fantasy. Gentaro’s limited 500 pieces are all hand-made. When interviewed, he spoke of how difficult it was to make a doll’s face so that it resembled Hinano as much as possible. For this project, he created approximately twenty prototypes. Completing them took two months, half of which was reserved for making Hinano’s face. Models usually take two or three weeks to make.
Before the project began, Japanese TV had been showing the film Illusive Midnight in which Hinano Yoshikawa played the main double-role, a real girl and her identical robotic copy. In one of the scenes, Hinano Yoshikawa asked her boyfriend which of the two he liked more, which of them was more attractive and magnetic.

The Power of Number Eight
(a review in the confessional style by an anonymous author)
“Yeah, it ain’t easy. He’s a robotic boy, which is obvious from the slightly open square on his little chest. I’ve never experienced such excitement!
This doll is a boy—a robot that boasted seven powerful abilities, and he has just discovered the eighth. Perhaps this is what is so attractive about this doll. Perhaps there is a little bit of calculation. Otherwise, I don’t understand how an adult person could be so strongly attracted to dolls. It’s not just a hobby, and it’s not about innocence at all. Despite millions of various forgivenesses, this type of hobby is obscene.
But it’s my problem, don’t you think?
Remember. Go back to when you looked at the doll for the first time; you must have felt that there was something really weird and dangerous about it. Look, the reason why a beautiful girl attracts modern guys could be because their manhood and self-indulgence is mirrored in this principle.
A really complicated idea on how to define love in its virtual form.
Suppressing fear of personal and social destruction in the moment of your confession. In the near future, Japan will definitely be inhabited by a majority of Androids. Now that human figures are embodied in virtual toys that are becoming more and more popular, it is rather alarming.
Do you want to live through that?”

Robin Kun—his charm is in his hermetically tight leather suit. Any character who was to be his partner would have real problems with him.

Win–09—his first name is “Wiener Kun.” He really gets you if you turn one of the parts into a different mode. He comes with three extra parts, including a hard-on that could also be used as a stand for rings. Great present for girlfriends.

The Cute Boy Figures of Gentaro Araki
These dolls are not only made for girl-fans. Even though they appear at first sight as if they were made from the female perspective, they represent a very male view of cute boys. There is just something about them, and that is why I don’t want to make female figures. Also, all female or girl dolls that are made by men seem to lack anything female about them. That’s why. It is a materialization of personal obsession and satisfaction. There’s no room at all for the reflection of a woman. It’s a totally personal work, and anything else becomes an obstacle. Do you think this obsession of dealing with so many things is wacky? Spoiled childhood? Why do so many frightening things go through such a boom?
The answer is clear. Everybody is innocent, selfish and spoiled just like kids. Most people think that everything around is obstacles, even themselves. So is this all right? My anxiety and desire are burning every day.



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