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Tomáš Bujňák Jiří Ptáček | new faces | 01.01.2003
Born in 1979, Tomáš Bujňák, after attending several secondary art schools in Slovakia, was educated at the School of Fine Arts in Bratislava (20002001) then at FUTU in Košice (2001-2002), and last year he moved to Miloš Šejn’s studio of conceptual art at Prague’s AVU.From the overview of art training, one might understand Tomáš Bujňák as being one of those hyperactive art jumpers. No joke:…
Pasta new faces | 01.04.2002
Věrka Kotlárová new faces | 01.04.2002
I discovered in the Brno Internet gallery Magda (, where she first appeared in 2002 at the invitation of Pavel Pražák, curator of the gallery, and where she was asked to put on a show of her work. She has a reputation for being a kind girl with the appearance and character of a Native American. She is a distinct young painter who doesn’t pay much attention to style, but is a…
Michaela Nociarová, Mária Čorejová new faces | 01.02.2002
Michaela Nociarová (b. 1976) studied at the College of Fine Arts in Bratislava, in Daniel Fischer’s studio of free creation. She received her doctorate from Professor Berger’s department of painting.Mária Čorejová (b. 1975) studies at the College of Fine Arts in Bratislava, in Fischer’s studio of free creation. She participated in a two-year residency program at the University of Pennsylvania and…
new faces | 01.02.2002
(b. 1976) has studied since 1997 in Karel Nepraš’s studio of sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. In 1999 she passed a study program at Kuvataide-akatemia in Helsinki.Paulina Škávová’s newest work walks the line between sculpture and concept, which the artist attributes to the free atmosphere in Nepraš’s studio. She rejects any narrow definitions of sculpture, object or installation…
Rizoto new faces | 01.01.2002
Founded in 1998, the art group Rizoto are Tomáš Trnobranský, Lucie Markvartová, and Martin Raudenský. Trnobranský and Markvartová graduated from the Graphic Design Studio of Professor Karek Míšek at the Decorative Arts and Design Faculty of Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem, CZ, where Martin Raudenský currently teaches.Treading the line between art and design, Rizoto’s work…
MaŁgorzata JabŁońska new faces | 01.05.2001
(b. 1976) graduated from the Department of Graphic Art (Prof. Stanisław Kluska) at the Katowice branch of the Fine Arts Academy in Krakow, Poland.Her picture stories portray everyday life in a world in which computers are no longer fetishes of the present but just another tool people have embraced. Jabłońska creates her comic stories on the computer, employing clip art images and other commonly…
Petr Foltera new faces | 01.05.2001
"(b. 1975) graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design (VŠUP) in Prague in 2001. He began his studies at the Film and TV Graphics Studio of Prof. Jiří Bárta and after one year he switched to the Painting Studio of Prof. Pavel Nešleha.Foltera stretches the term new portraiture to different lengths in his recent series of paintings. Creating life-size mural mutations using known…
Marek Ther new faces | 01.04.2001
"Marek Ther (b. 1977) currently studies under Vladimír Skrepl in the painting studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. He cooperated this year with Jiří Skála on the project Microfiltration (Gallery Jelení); his latest work was exhibited in the group exhibition Casino (Universal NoD) and in an exhibition in the school’s studio. Marek Ther plays out the tension between artificiality and the…
Jiří Havlíček new faces | 01.04.2001
Jiří Havlíček (b. 1977) currently studies under Tomáš Ruller in the studio of performance in the fine arts department of the Technical College in Brno, CZ. He previously attended Václav Stratil’s drawing studio and Keiko Sei’s video atelier. Jiří Havlíček’s recent animation immediately grabs the attention. And not only because he chooses as his protagonists Tip et Tap (Tip and Tap) the well-known…
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