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1 Four cultures Switzerland has seven and a half million inhabitants, most of them speaking a German dialect. One canton speaks French, another one speaks Italian. In some mountain valleys, the Latin-derived dialect Rhaeto-Romanic still survives. It is kept alive with subsidies, because multi-lingualism is one of the nation’s fundamentals. 2 Nation of immigrants Switzerland is a nation of…

Interview with Gene Youngblood Gene Youngblood (1942) is an electronic media art critic and the author of Expanded Cinema (1970), one of the first publications dealing with video and computer-generated film. He has been elaborating its ideas—ranging from expanded conceptions of film and the arts to science, technology and cultural revolution—since 1967 in his weekly column, “Intermedia,” for…

When I arrived in Vienna at the end of January the city was maniacally obsessed with three topics: Mozart, the anniversary of whose birth was turned into an unbearable avalanche of visual and audio kitsch, Klimt, whose paintings including the Golden Adele after years of international litigation had to be stripped off the walls of the Belvedere Gallery and returned to the rightful owners, and, of…

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Forms of Communication Against Losing One’s Sense of Reality Objectivity plays an important role in the (commercial) art system, since contemporary art finds itself in a constant state of latent insecurity. This is due to the inherent subjectivity of all aesthetic judgement, but is also due to the expected new-ness of a work of art. However, these days almost any shape can be attached to some…

“When I was youn ger, I wanted to go fight with Che in the jungle, but now I’m just a standard leftie-liberal.” Jenny Holzer 1 Chapter 1: Art & Politics – Thank you for your time Of the concepts that had emerged from the discursive practices of artistic and political activism of the 1960s and 1980s, many sound archaic (while others remain all the more acute and useful). Critical voices…

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